Removing the watermark from LIV

So, if you're reading this, you've been trying to make use of LIV, the mixed reality app. It's rather neat -- creates a virtual camera so you can see an avatar in a VR game like Beat Saber, or so that you can green screen yourself into it.

What isn't rather neat, however, is the fact that the program watermarks the fuck out of the output -- do they expect you to buy it?

No, the program is free, they insist, and they don't want money unless you're a commercial user, which is fair and fine, since I'm not a commercial user. But if they don't want me to pay for it, then what do they want, aside from pissing me off?

According to them, the "official" way to get the watermark removed is to join a Discord and go to a channel. Discord is nice, but I don't use it religiously, and I'm certainly not inclined to be forced to join a community just to pump numbers, and if your validation system requires third party services... well, I've got thoughts on the matter.

Luckily, their validation process doesn't actually use Discord at all, and just requires you to fill out a Google form, the link for which is what you get by looking at the Discord. So I joined for thirty seconds, got what I needed, and left.

So, to cut out the Discord step and save a future user some time:

Fill out the form (you can literally just provide a name and email, and "none" for everything else) and they'll send you a steam key by email within ~5 minutes.

The process seems to be automated, so I suspect the only reason they even want the form is probably so they can revoke your key later on if they figure you're using it for commercial reasons... or if you get critical of them and they decide to be petty.

LIV itself is good, it works well right out of the box (or at least, well enough), but just about everything around it, from the online help articles (which take a solid minute to load each page) to their guide videos and this validation process are equal parts unprofessional and annoying. I wouldn't trust them with any more of my personal information than was absolutely necessary.


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