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Videos not working in Irfanview

 I love Irfanview. It's great, I use it as my picture browser and quick-edits tool. I use it to browse through folders which might contain MP4 or Webm videos, as a substitute for gifs. However, for the longest time, and on repeat occasions, the videos don't render -- I can hear it (if it has audio), but I can't see anything. A long time ago, I googled for a solution, and basically found none -- but I figured out that if I open a video in Irfanview, and then open a *second* video in a separate Irfanview instance, the second one works perfectly. And I've been suffering along with this method for ages. I finally figured out the root cause: Codecs. Aside from Irfanview, I also use the K-Lite media codec pack, because not being able to open an MP4 encoded in some arcane encoding format is horseshit. And at some point in the past, I must have picked it to use hardware encoding of some variety, instead of software. (Or it defaults to it.) THIS IS THE PROBLEM To fix, just updat

Atom editor: Hide project tab / tree view

 Atom does not have an option for doing this by default, and I'm not the only one who wanted to change it. From, Jake posted the most functional way to correct this behavior. To change this: 1) Go to File -> Init script... 2) Paste: atom.workspace.onDidOpen ({item}) -> itemName = if (itemName != 'TreeView') # no action if open TreeView intentionally dock = atom.workspace.paneContainerForURI('atom://tree-view') if dock && dock.isVisible() dock.hide() 3) Save On next startup, the project tab will be hidden. Works at this time of posting.