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Pleroma for Dummies

With the recent surge in popularity of Twitter alternatives, I found myself giving Mastodon a shot -- I'm hardly at risk of being censored on Twitter, but I fancied a place that didn't fuck with my timeline. In doing so, I discovered that Mastodon is simply one facet of a greater Fediverse -- and while it seems to be one of the more polished facets, there's an awful lot of mastotooting going on ( Mastotooting; verb: to post ("toot") about how great the Mastodon social network is, from inside the Mastodon network itself ) and, according to some technically-minded souls, not the most efficient facet. ( And if you want to get into community politics, some criticize the lead developer's approach, that he just wants to be @jack 2.0. ) And so, I was introduced exposed to Pleroma . Like Mastodon, it integrates with the Fediverse, but unlike Mastodon, it consumes a lot less resources and is generally more suited to running on a smaller private server for one per