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"I DON'T KNOW YOU": A Windows 10 tale

So, in the name of vanity, I did something rather dumb. I changed my Windows 10 account's username. Not just changing the user's name -- that's cosmetic. I mean, I fully changed the actual username; the goal was to change my root folder path, but as it turned out, this did not work as expected, and all I did was break my Windows 10 login. I started by running the command netplwiz . This let me get my grubby little mitts on my own user account, for which I edited the properties and promptly changed, swapping the username (Which is ancient, from when I first built the computer and went by a different handle on the internet) to a more current one. I saved it, and thought nothing of it. Start Menu then did not work; I tried opening my account settings, and it locked up. I thought a reboot would fix the problem. It made it worse -- Windows 10 home edition tries to sign you in with the last username you used. Which was my old username. So no matter how hard I tried, my