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Fun with Database / Wordpress Migrations

There's websites that like to be moved, and then there's Wordpress . Wordpress both does, and does not like being moved. While you can transplant it to a new hosting platform, and put it in the same folder so it would be visible at the same place, the data may not migrate so easily. The guts of Wordpress is the database, which is not in the web files themselves. If you're exporting and re-importing manually, you might run into errors when importing on the new platform; one of them is below. If you are trying to import a database and getting an error like “#1273 - Unknown collation: 'utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci'”, this may be related to trying to import from a system running MySQL v5.6+, and your new platform uses a version of MySQL less than v5.6. You could upgrade the server to MySQL v5.6, but if Mohammad can't go to that particular mountain, then we'll bring the mountain to Mohammad, and convert the database. First, please try exporting the database